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The Wyler watch company was founded in 1924, and the company prides itself on making extremely durable, if not unbreakable, watches. The Incaflex model, which was dropped from the Eiffel Tower in a marketing stunt, is just one example of the Swiss watch's quality and sturdiness. If you have a Wyler watch and want to identify how old it is and what model you have, there are definite markings you should look for. Sponsored linkGreat Deals on Authentic Preowned & Used Wyler Watches! We Buy, Sell, Trade, Repair, & Consign. Paul Wyler was born in 1896 and established his watch company, Wyler Watch in 1924 in Basel. The Wyler Watch company maintained its commitment to producing innovative yet reliable watches in continuation of its founder's mission. Paul Wyler's most significant innovation was the Incaflex balance wheel. The balance wheel was made out of a single piece of metal and has two flexible symmetrical half spiral arms that joined at the wheels axis and acted as shock absorbers. To prove how effective this was they used an early form of a publicity stunt and dropped the watch 1000 feet and the watch was proved to be unaffected. Many people consider preowned Wyler watches, used Wyler watches & second hand Wyler watches all the same, but a Gray & Sons Wyler watch is something different altogether. All our Wyler timepieces are serviced and polished to like new condition and come with our twelve month warranty and "Like New for Life" policy. Our after sales service commitment is second to none in the world, backed by our six in house Swiss-trained watchmakers and jewelers.
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