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Replica Roger Dubuis Watches For Sale By Roger Dubuis

Of the 20 million watches produced in Switzerland each year just 24,000 bear the hallmark of Geneva. The mark, which ensures finishes of the most meticulous detail and flawless aesthetics, is carried by every single Roger Dubuis timepiece..More than just a Manufacture, Roger Dubuis reflects a world of its own. A world where exuberance is queen and creativity reigns supreme. It is a resolutely extravagant, rebellious and elegant Manufacture, worthy of the best in haute horlogerie. for innovation is born from a heartfelt respect of tradition and craftsmanship.Using technique to enhance aesthetics and nurture strong concepts born from unbridled creativity : this is the spirit that the Manufacture instils into each of its collections. Excalibur, EasyDiver, KingSquare and GoldenSquare all testify to perfectly mastered exuberance.These collections are instantly recognisable and share common identity codes. The over-sized cases with transparent backs, the imposing crowns, the stylised roman numerals, the three lugs attaching the strap to the case or the tourbillon carriage shaped like a celtic cross are all Roger Dubuis signatures. They are the marks of these fabulous mechanical objects, all ever-ready to defy the senses.
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